Today at New Day - September 17, 2023

Hey there Church!

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I am so excited about the next couple of weeks in our series “Heroes of the Faith” as we pause and study the life of Jesus. It is always so refreshing to focus all of our attention on Him and learn from His life. Today, Pastor Rusty started off this study of Jesus with the sermon “Jesus Was Born of a Virgin.”

Pastor Rusty quoted a Larry King interview in which King said that Jesus would be his dream interview to ask Him if he was indeed virgin born because that would change history for him. This quote hit home for me. Jesus being born of a virgin should shape the way we view everything! If Jesus was virgin born, it means He is who He says He is! It means that He is the Messiah! My hope is that you would believe in the virgin birth and that we would all let that truth impact our everyday lives.

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Like every department in our church, the launch of our North Port Campus has been such an exciting time for our student ministry. On September 6th, we brought our entire Youth Night to the new campus to celebrate the launch. It was AWESOME! 161 students joined us as we celebrated and were challenged to be missionaries in our community and to reach North Port with the Gospel!

Maybe even more exciting was this past week, where for the first time, we had Youth in two locations! Between the two campuses, 180 students joined us for youth group this past week! God is moving in such big ways everywhere throughout our church, but I am especially excited about the work He is doing in the lives of our students here at New Day.

There are so many ways to get involved here in this season at New Day. I am a little biased here, but I think working with middle and high school students is truly rewarding. As we march into this new season of ministry, I would love to encourage you to consider serving in our student ministry. Let’s find a time to sit down and talk about what that looks like together!

Congratulations to Donna and Savannah on your baptisms this weekend! Welcome to the family!

Billy Conover